MC-505 Replacement LCD Display

Do you have a broken MC-505 screen? Get a replacement display here.

Get your replacement screen here:

MC505 Red Display

MC-505 display (red)

Cost per display: $50(USD)

Shipping Rate: $8(USD) (International)

MC505 Blue Display

MC-505 display (blue)

Cost per display: $50(USD)

Shipping Rate: $8(USD) (International)


Shipping Policy

All buyers:

This is VERY important and cannot be stressed enough: Please make sure your current address and email are correct. Check your paypal account, if you need to ship somewhere else make a note, send an email, do whatever you have to in order to send the proper address and email during the purchase. If you are not an adult, ask an adult for help.

US shipping:

All items will be shipped USPS priority mail or ups. Buyer will recieve either a confirmation number or a tracking number when the item ships(usually within 2-3 days). Please make sure your contact information is current in order to recieve the tracking number or other communications.

International shipping:

USPS first-class mailing only. It will take 6-10 business days to reach the buyer's country. From that point it goes to the buyer's postal system (times from there will vary greatly). If an international buyer needs a tracking number the extra cost is $20.00(US). This is an added cost. Send an email to to request a tracking number. International buyers will recieve a custom form id number. This is a number that USPS uses to confirm the package has been entered into their system, this is not a tracking number.